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Hello, friends here you can find some top-picked funniest birthday memes to share with your loved ones & to make them laugh.

If you are looking for funny birthday memes for your friends and loved ones, you are at the right destination. Our huge collection of birthday memes will give you fun ideas to find many funny images to share on social media. We have a lot of hilarious wishes that you can pick if you want to make someone laugh on their special day.


Many people send lovely and cute birthday wishes to their friends and loved ones, but sometimes birthday wishes need to be funny. But what could be more fun than a cool birthday meme? We have a huge collection in which you will surely find the best meme. Here you will also find funny birthday memes for him or her. Click on the image & download & share via WhatsApp & Facebook.

Happy Birthday Meme for Old

Thank You For Always Being Older Than Me!

Birthday Meme Real Age

I Know Your Real Age. Happy Birthday!


Birthday Meme Cute Cat

Happy Birthday From Cute Smiling Cat.

Happy Birthday Meme with Monkey

When People Sing Happy Birthday To You. & You Just Sit There Like…

Happy Birthday Meme with Cat

Happy Birthday From Me & This Cat!


Happy Quarantined Birthday

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Cousin

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend

Belated Birthday Wishes Meme

Everyone Sent You Birthday Wishes Yesterday,
Bet They Aren’t Thinking of You Today. Like I Am..
Happy Belated Birthday!

Smooches From Donald Birthday MEME

I Am Drunk Birthday Meme

I’M Drunk! But I Remember That Today Is Your Birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday To One Of The Few People
Whose Birthday I Can Remember Without A Facebook Reminder!

Happy Birthday, Dear!
Hope Someday You’ll Enjoy A
Delicious Cake Without Any Tooth…

Happy Birthday!
Now You’re One Year Closer To Dying!

Congratulations! On Being One Year Closer
To A Senior Citizen’s Discount At The Movies…

Forget About The Past, You Can’t Change It.
Forget About The Future, You Can’t Predict It.
Forget About The Present. I Didn’t Get You One.

I Wish You Happy Birthday In Chinese
” Yung No Mo ”

Happy Birthday, Dear!
Birthdays Are Nature’s Way
Of Telling Us To Eat More Cake…

Funny Birthday Memes for Her

“Happy Birthday Darling!
Don’t Worry, Today You Don’t Have To Wash Any Dishes!
They Will Still Be There Tomorrow.”

Many Happy Returns.
May Your Hair Dye And Mascara Never Ruin.
Happy Birthday, Old Lady!

Double Checking If That’s Indeed Your Real Age.
Happy Birthday, Girl!

Cute and Funny Birthday Memes

Mailed Myself To You,
I Was Much Cuter Than
Several Birthday Cards.

When Life Gives You Birthdays
Eat Cake!

Happy Birthday Sister Meme

Happy Birthday To My Younger Sister.
Don’t Worry About Your Age.
You’re Still Younger Than Me.

Happy Birthday To A Sister Who Has
The Best Sister In The World.

Yes, It’s True Sis…
You’re Still Older Than Me, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Brother Meme

Happy Birthday To Mom And Dad’s
Second Favorite Kid…

Happy Birthday To A Brother Who
Has The Best Sister In The World!

Happy Birthday To My Brother
From Another Mother…

Funny 50th Birthday Memes

Remember How Excited You Were
When You Turned 5 Years Old
You Should Be 10 Times That Excited!
Happy 50Th Birthday…

Happy 50th Birthday
You’re Not Old,
You’re ”Vintage”

Happy 50th Birthday
I’m Sad For You
Because You’re Old.

Happy 50th Birthday!
Welcome To The Golden Years…